Alejandro Loureiro Lorenzo

This image is a work of art originating from and integrating the following: Acrylic paintings on BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene therephthalate). Low Density Polyethylene sculptures, Video Stills and studio doc into computer-based & photographic works / composite images as the result of consecutively scanning, printing, re-photographing source material resulting from studio practice and expanding it into various post-production stages. Neglected structures based on prototypes for mass produced housing, permanent marker and paint on inkjet prints obliterating areas of the image. Photographs of found objects. Collages featuring inane gestural work in relation to acrylic paintings on BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene Therephthalate). Photographic work documenting road repairs and asphalt crack sealing of pavement in NYC. Landscape photographs film & digital. The resulting materials are a repository of tropes. The process itself has informed my practice by employing digital imaging to assimilate other media, developing a critique of current practices of hybridization in contemporary art. In doing this I explore aspects of Art´s relative autonomy yet polymorphic nature.

Untitled, 2021 Chromogenic print 13.287 x 20 in 33.75 x 50.8 cm Edition of 3 plus 2 AP